Big Sean-24k of Gold Remix ft. Raekwon and J. Cole

Raekwon’s not shy when it comes to collaborating with G.O.O.D. Music’s roster, and here he laces Big Sean’s cut from his Detroit mixtape, one which already benefitted from the J. Cole assist.

The laidback, positive nature of the original made it a very easy listen on the mixtape’s release, and whilst its been one of the project’s more enduring tracks as a result, this refresh helps bring it back to regular rotation for sure. As unlikely as it seems, Rae’s rough, gritty voice seems to work quite well with this sprightly production, adding a layer of hushed aggressiveness and intensity that seems to humanise the otherwise-hopeful, ‘head in the clouds’ nature of the track, and it’s a good contribution that improves the track. Annoying that there are DJ tags on this, but as it’s from producer Key Wane’s most recent mixtape, that’s to be expected.

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