Bat For Lashes-Marilyn (Acoustic)

I’ve been replaying this video for the last week, completely unaware I hadn’t posted it. Woops.

Her The Haunted Man album is comfortably one of the best alternative releases of last year, and this lead single was certainly one of its highlights. Here, it’s visceral nature is fully exposed with a stripped-back performance, as she delivers the song backed by strong guitar strums, tambourine and a little hint of synth, removing the atmosphere created by the original production and allowing the vocals to expand to every corner of the soundscape.

Those vocals are excellent too, packed full of the raw emotion both the song and the entire album are encased in, whilst her physical performance is also on point courtesy of minimal movement putting the emphasis on her impactful facial expressions. A great performance of a very likeable track, and be sure to grab that album now.

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