Bat For Lashes-Lillies (Video)

For some reason, this was a track I seemingly bypassed whilst enjoying the many other highlights on The Haunted Man album, but all will be put right with this excellent accompanying visual.

There’s a good contrast throughout of stripped-back minimalism and bright activity, whilst Natasha’s slow physical movements also contrast with the sharp scene cuts and stop motion effects. She’s barely clothed throughout (no complaints here), with the verses set on a starry backdrop for an engulfing darkness that’s occasionally brightened by sharp cuts to various objects, before the chorus comes in and she’s surrounded by all sorts of monster and oddities. The progression from fear in the first chorus to embracing those bizarre creatures is notable throughout, as she’s then ‘coated’ in her own unusual outer shell, a demonstration of the deeper-than-surface nature of the audio and also a nice sonic progression with both its production and vocal output.

It’s decidedly leftfield for sure and represents the audio very well, going so far as to embellish it with a very engaging video. Get that album now.

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