AraabMuzik-Never Have To Worry

Many of us understandably associate AraabMuzik with a slew of solid hip-hop beats over the past few years, but he appears to be breaking beyond those confines with his quirkily-titled For Professional Use Only mixtape, set to land this Friday. I say that as I’ve caught a couple of the releases from it now, and after dismissing the first as a possible fluke, the second is somewhat more convincing-he’s rather adept with dub-infused electro, and serves up a great beat here.

Most productions across the electro board, whether chillout or of this ilk, tend to favour long, drawn-out builds and intros and short climax sections. Hence, this is quite a treat, flipping that formula on its head and doing away with excessive builds in favour of crafting the track around bassy synths, crashing percussion and an atmosphere-adding vocal sample. Even the ‘quiet’ sections pack more energy in than most other beats’ high spots, and whilst it’s not a complicated beat all-round, it is one with bags of intensity and replayability.

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