anthm debbie
I picked this as my second release to celebrate my sister on her birthday. She turns 11 today. Anyone who has ever been close to me knows that we have a special relationship. It runs deep. I hope this record remains as timeless in her life as our bond will be. Happy birthday, Debbie.

ANTHM has been relentless these past few weeks, and follows up the first release from Handful of Dust rapidly with this strong effort. A much more bouncy and upbeat track too, with Blu’s production comprising uplifting keys, quick and sharp percussion and a sprinkling of additional samples and effects for a deep production that’s enjoyable on many levels. It’s every bit as summery as Nina, but clearly comes from a much different, more positive angle that suits ANTHM down to the ground: he’s regularly demonstrated his range of flows, and here his quick flow keeps pace with this vibrant production. It’s a solid performance throughout, capped off nicely by his vocalised hook section, which makes for a smooth and necessary break from those relentless raps. Another good all-rounder, and that EP’s shaping up very well.

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