ANTHM-Black (Waves Remix)

Given the plethora of excellent beats on Joey Bada$$’ 1999 mixtape, it’s either lazy or downright odd that more rappers haven’t grabbed a couple for their own use. ANTHM’s not in either category though, and comes through with a remix dedicated to Malcom X.

Whilst he rides the beat with consumate ease and of course delivers plenty of memorable lines, what’s really notable here is the passion in his voice. ANTHM’s generally displayed a good command over melody and emotion in his tracks, particularly compared to some of his more monotonous colleagues, but here it’s a little different: as the track grows, his intensity and anger audibly grows and that frustration bleeds into his lyricism, which grows more aggressive in tandem with those emotional deliveries. Culminating with a short spoken word section, this is a thoughtful, intelligent turn with the instrumental that’s most definitely worth a listen.

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