AlunaGeorge-Attracting Flies

Having been suitably impressed with AlunaGeorge on the recent Disclosure feature, it’s a good time to let loose of some new material of their own and capitalise on that buzz.

Taken from the upcoming Body Music album (1st July), this is a lively effort with a good kick of attitude to prevent it from becoming sickeningly sweet. The synths are positive and energetic, with a funky, summery vibe that bounces the track along nicely at the tailend of the hook, whilst the verses are packed with prominent percussion and a softer electro melody, which itself scales up for the bulk of the hook. It’s a good contrast that builds a strong anchor around the post-hook production, one which is contained within the excellent consistency of Aluna’s vocals, themselves being mellow and easygoing to offer their own distinction from the production. Capping it off is the aforementioned attitudinal edge, which comes in the form of honest lyricism that makes for a very fun listen. Good all-rounder for sure, and plenty of mainstream potential in this.

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