A. Chal-Ballroom Riots (EP)

The talented A. Chal almost single-handedly soundtracked my summer last year, with his selection of productions making for superb sunny day listening, and now we’re finally given something more than the occasional track with this 7-track EP.

Interestingly, many of his more recognised tracks aren’t on here, including his (arguable) breakout effort Come Back of almost exactly a year ago, which makes for a strong statement on his part in terms of his confidence in the new material. Credit to him for not using any samples too, a fact explicitly stated on the back artwork, whilst features are kept to a minimum. Both are self-assured decisions, and I thoroughly hope this new work can hit the lofty expectations he’s now set.

The clip here’s a nice trailer for the project, beginning with pictures of angst, isolaton and darkness, before exploding into life with lively dancefloors, sharp scene cuts, bright lighting and much more. It’s a fun intro to the EP backed by what sounds like a solid track, and you can grab the full EP for free here.

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