We Take Polaroids-Mawashi Geri

we take polaroids
We’re all aware of the cold, wintery conditions across the country today, and this is exactly the sort of audio track you’re going to want to fill your room with as we all hide away from those seemingly threatening frozen flakes of water. An instrumental of great quality, the production is made up of atmospheric synths that progress and move dynamically throughout the track and a lead melody of keys that anchors the entire song well, with subtle changes to it throughout: the opening laces together two different piano melodies, before stripping away the backing notes in favour of allowing the foreground more room to breathe. It results in the melody becoming repetitive, but that’s not a bad thing here; it’ll zone you out long before the end, and this is a great listen to get you wound down from the week. Look out for his You Are Brutal EP on 28th January.

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