Unknown Mortal Orchestra-So Good At Being In Trouble

One listen to this, and you’d be forgiven for thinking you’ve stumbled into Woodstock ’69: UMO successfully combine bits of Jimi Hendrix and heaps of original R&B (yes, there were eras before the 80s, try to contain your shock) with modern influences such as Zero 7 into a fantastic package.

Gentle, easygoing and yet slightly psychedelic, the verses pack in blues-inspired guitars, steady percussion and dream-like, feminised vocals that combine and come coated in a slight distortion that only serves to enhance that retro vibe. Those factors all carry over to the hook, and though the instrumental change is only subtle, the vocal work there is incredibly addictive and really carries that step up from verse to hook, giving the track a distinct and highly-replayable anchor point. It’s a beautifully simple, perky and delicate song, yet there’s an overarching sadness in the lyricism that plays off the engrossing backdrop excellently, and is certainly masked well by the sharp, distinct cadences throughout. A very enjoyable listen, and it will findsa home on UMO’s II album, due out on 5th February, and I’m sure many will be looking out for that on the back of this track.

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