Toro Y Moi-Say That (Video)

Toro’s impressive string of releases continues with the follow-up to So Many Details, both of which are taken from the Anything In Return album, due out 22nd January. Two for two, as this single is every bit as likeable as the first, and a significantly more positive and upbeat effort than it too.

That vibe emanates predominantly from the production, which combines verses of perky synths and head-nodding melodies with a fantastically funky bass and vocal sample driven hook, both underpinned by a nicely paced percussion that keeps the energy rolling. Toro’s vocals are airy enough to blend well with the synth work, whilst being soft enough to prevent overshadowing the beat too heavily, and the combination of the two makes for a fantastic listen.

The video is a direction most wouldn’t expect of this type of track, yet is exactly what you’d expect from the creative mind of Chaz Bundick, with shots of rather glorious landscapes making up the bulk of the footage, and Toro himself being placed within them in his geek chic attire as he cuts some brilliantly awkward dance moves. A clip that adds plenty to the atmosphere of the audio, and another superb audiovisual from Toro.

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