Toro Y Moi-Lyin Part 1-4

toro y moi
Toro and Dog Bite are set to embark on a tour together, and to commemorate that they’ve put together a shared vinyl single, set for release on 29th January. Toro’s let his section of that release go, and it’s another good listen from the gifted producer, whose own Anything In Return album is released next Tuesday.

It’s a lively soundscape from Toro, with four distinct parts (as the title may suggest), each rather unexpectedly following after the other. The first throws juicy synths and crisp percussion in with repeated electronic melodies for a slightly throwback style, before a soulful hip-hop style percussion takes control via a great vocal sample and thoroughly punchy percussion. That gives way to a beat combining jazzy horns with a broken drum line for a slightly offbeat style that’ll be a hit with Dilla fans, and he closes with an experimental style that thrusts forward a shrill vocal sample over a barely-there production of equally-piercing synths that threatens to destroy your ears. Not a fan of the closer, but the previous 3 parts are very enjoyable, and this is a unique and likeable release ahead of that album and tour.

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