Toro y Moi-Grown Up Calls (Live)

Toro’s Anything In Return is undoubtedly one of the best album releases in recent months (I intended to write a review, but finding time between regular posts was tough), and whilst it’s a disservice to the album to pick out individual tracks, this certainly stands out as one I’ll be replaying once listening to the whole LP becomes a chore.

Performed live for a French radio station, Toro proceeds to do away with his luscious synths and chilled percussion to deliver the track with only a piano and his vocals. It’s easy to get wrapped up in his excellent production work whilst listening to his works, and with his whispery voice usually operating as another instrument rather than a top layer, this is a great opportunity to spend a little more time with the lyrical output of the track. This stripped-back performance unquestionably adds a lot of depth to the track, with the soft keys lending more emotion to his vocals, and if anything it’s a nice tangent that makes listening to the original an even better experience. Get that album now if you haven’t already.

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