Theme Park-Tonight (Video)

Adding to the recent spate of bubbly, upbeat pieces of alternative music from several artists, this new effort from Theme Park will sit firmly within that group as one of its leading pieces.

Bright, uplifting synths combine with crisp percussion and flashes of distorted guitar for a fantastically layered hook, whilst the more scaled back medley of funky plucks, easygoing percussion and a plethora of sharp samples in the verses contrasts that nicely. The vocals also benefit from a superb blend of styles, with the rousing, high-pitched style of the hook playing off the more sombre, downcast verse for a seperation that certainly helps anchor the song around that hook.

The visuals mix together the lavish with the ethereal, as the scenes are mostly filmed in rather opulent settings, though the misty filter, lighting tricks and slow pace combine to make the most of those synths and delayed guitars. Look out for the self-titled album on 25th February.

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