RDGLDGRN-Million Fans

One of the easiest picks for my 13 for ’13 list, and they’ve justified that selection with the release of some brand new material, the first time since 2011′s I Love Lamp.

Taken from their debut EP, set for a 12th February release, this is our first listen of RDGLDGRN being backed by the legendary Dave Grohl on drums, and that’s precisely what you’re greeted with when you hit that play button. Crashing percussion turned right up, the song begins with an intensity that’s built on superbly with Green’s raps, a light dose of keys, and some thoroughly excellent guitar work from Red and Gold. The latter adds a fantastically attitudinal element to the track, and works in tandem with the drums to add an energy to the track that belies its relatively slow pace: it’s a watertight blend of hip-hop and rock that’s very, very difficult to get right but they’ve done just that. Though we’re longtime fans here at OTU of the band in their various iterations, I certainly didn’t expect this from them, and I’m more than pleasantly surprised with the output. Can’t wait to get this into my collection, and that EP can’t come soon enough.

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