Nosaj Thing-Try ft. Toro Y Moi

Not only is Toro’s Anything In Return released tomorrow, but Nosaj comes through with his sophomore album Home on Tuesday too, making for an electronic double-hit that’s definitely going to be worth checking out.

The two come together for a track from the latter’s album, an atmospheric and spaced-out effort that blends together the best of both worlds: Nosaj’s production is gentle yet grand, filling the soundscape with low synths and short, sharp electronic melodies, whilst Toro’s delicate, barely-there vocals complement that excellently and almost act as another instrument rather than a vocal addition. The track finishes on a slight incline in activity, sharpening those synths and vocals into a nice payoff, and these are promising signs for both with those albums due. Sidenote: special shoutout to the SoundCloud commenter that said ‘this makes be want to be a giraffe’.

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