Maxwell-Gods (Snippet)

THIS IS NOT A DRILL. I repeat, this is not a drill. It’s been a long, long time coming but we’re finally treated to some brand new Maxwell from that upcoming Summers’ album (I finally believe that it is ‘upcoming’).

It’s only a rough cut and comes in at a mere 73 seconds, but there’s more than enough here to satisfy the starved Maxwell fans and offer some insight into the sound of the album. Those beautifully buttery vocals lace a minimal production, comprised of soft synths alongside more urgent synths, and a delicate percussion that gently holds everything together. The mix is very rough so it’s difficult to pick up too much more, but the two combine wonderfully throughout for a sultry, warming track that cuts off far too prematurely, and will leave you gasping for more. He’s the master of neo-soul, and I desperately await more of this.

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