Maxwell-blackSUMMERS'night Partial Tracklist

I don’t think we’ve ever posted a ‘partial tracklist’, but given that this album is years overdue and we’ve had absolutely no information on it, any sliver of news is met with a full-on welcoming party in my household.

Click the image for a slightly larger look at the list, which offers absolutely nothing in terms of the musical direction, but nonetheless lets us fans know that something will be released eventually. He’s previously suggested this album may have a more diverse soundscape, with rumoured gospel and alternative influences, though either way I’m sure that the characteristically excellent Maxwell will ensure his high level of consistency runs through whatever sound style he chooses. If you’re still pining for more Maxwell and have exhausted his back catalogue, be sure to check out his feature on Alicia Keys’ newest album, and the rest of that album is worth a go too.

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