Mangaliso Asi-Izilo (Video)

Filmed on handheld by Mangaliso Asi to document his visit to Johannesburg, South Africa and most importantly Vilakazi Street, Soweto. Explore the rich sites sounds of South Africa infused with Mangaliso Asi’s unique style transcending genre expectations to offer what can only be described as powerful music.

An excellent fusion of styles here, with Mangaliso’s husky raps being set over a bright and lively traditional South African backdrop, and the end product is a fresh and unique listen. Asi’s lyricism is as relatable as ever, with his focus shifting between his origins and a wider view on humanity, and both verses are certainly packed with enough to warrant several replays; there’s something about Asi’s raw style that makes his philosphical lines a little more meaningful than similar lines from his hip-hop peers, and that’s evidenced throughout this track.

The video’s mostly footage of his visit, as written above, but is intercut with some great footage of local sights, people and the less ‘glamorous’ side of South Africa, but in a very positive, culture-laden light rather than the more preachy approach others would take with this sort of clip. Likeable audiovisual, and it’s one that’s definitely worth a go.

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