Jonny Debt-Prince of the Golden Horseshoe

jonny debt
Another inbox gem. One of the more diverse projects I’ve heard in months is Canadian upcomer Jonny Debt’s fantastic 11-track album, combining folk, country, hard alternative and punk into a surprisingly cohesive mix.

The guitars are insanely funky from start to finish, helped by their almost freeform nature in many tracks, the crowning glory of an instrumentation set that also includes some great variety in the percussion. Jonny’s vocals have to be versatile to keep up with the superb backdrops, and they don’t disappoint, with funny, lighthearted deliveries alongside more sombre, thoughtful performances, facets that extend to the ever-catchy songwriting too (tracks 6 and 7 couldn’t represent this dichotomy any better). That diversity will probably mean several will really love some tracks and hate others, but those of a more varied taste will enjoy this regardless. I skip over emailed albums like this on a daily basis, but I’m genuinely glad I gave this one a go. Do so yourself below.

Jonny Debt-Prince of the Golden Horseshoe

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