Joey Bada$$-Unorthodox (prod. DJ Premier)

joey premier
A radio rip landed a couple of days ago, but the full version has thankfully surfaced-you put the legendary Premo alongside the best newcomer in the rap game and it’s essential to listen to it properly.

The production has the Premo hallmarks over it, with a surface simplicity that conceals a depth of production worth appreciating, from the soft keys haunting the background to the beautifully clean bass thuds, and of course those trademark Premier scratches. It’s the sort of throwback beat that Joey’s thrived on in the last year or so, and whilst its still difficult to believe how young Joey is, this is another mature performance to add to his growing collection. The raps are consistent and unrelenting in the verses, with Joey’s steady flow and lack of over-emphasis giving his words gravitas and seriousness, playing off the more reflective elements of the production well, whilst the hook is still a rapped one with no illusions, instead being filled with harsh realities and a somewhat bleak outlook. An excellent slice of hip-hop that the heads will be giving plenty of time.

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