Joey Bada$$-Don't Quit Your Day Job

joey badass
Most of you will know this by now, but here’s the backstory: Joey tweeted a Capital Steez lyric from Survival Tactics, “tell the Based God don’t quit his day job”, and Lil’ B took offense. He proceeded to release a ‘warning shot’ track targeted at Joey, who responded with this feud-ender mere hours later.

I can’t give enough credit to Lee Bannon for this production. He’s only gone and sampled what’s arguably my favourite R&B song of all-time in Janet Jackson’s That’s The Way Love Goes, and has let the quality of the sample do most of the work, aside from a little tempo increase and a heavier focus on the revamped percussion; they’re two delicate touches that take this beat away from its R&B roots, and rightfully more tailored for Joey’s use. The raps are short but as good as you’d expect from the gifted MC, combining his characteristically clever bars with some direct shots at Lil’ B, before closing with a few shoutouts. Regardless of how lame the ‘beef’ is, it’s nice to get new Joey, especially when backed by this sort of production.

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