Jean Grae-Dust Ruffle (Album)

jean grae dust ruffle
A collection of unreleased or obscure Jean Grae rap tunes. There’s some sweet little backstories on the songs as well. It’s on there when ya get em. I always give away free music, you guys say you’ll pay for stuff.

Jean seems to be gearing up for some more regular releases this year, and starts things off with a collecton of loosies from 2004-2010. Her releases in recent times have been somewhat sporadic, with the odd track here, video there and of course the occasional mixtape, so it’s good to have her starting the year off with 10 unreleased tracks, a precursor to her upcoming LP. Stream it for free below, and be sure to support and buy the album if you’re a fan.

Jean Grae-Dust Ruffle

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