Hit-Boy-Brake Lights (Video)

That HITstory mixtape keeps delivering good material, as Hit comes through with some solid visuals for the newest single.

Many felt this was the standout track from the tape, and it’s hard to disagree. Imagine Kanye West’s Flashing Lights sped up and infused with keys, and you’re pretty close to the backdrop created here, with Hit’s combination of synths, electronic samples and thudding percussion making for a beat that you’ll play over and over. It’s atmospheric and slightly dark with a sense of introspectiveness, something Hit capitalises on with an internal monologue (of sorts), as he confesses to himself that he’s over-indulging somewhat, whilst also reflecting on his backstory.

The video is a G.O.O.D. Music affair, with Travis Scott directing the visual for his labelmate, and he captures the mood excellently with a dimly-lit, slow-paced video that makes the most of the audio’s qualities: the heavy use of blue complements the cold, atmospheric aspects of the beat whilst the flashes of warmer colours give the occasionally-insightful lyricism some urgency and depth. The only shots we properly see of Hit are either in his car rolling around, or surrounded by smoke looking despondent, visualising the dichotomy of his lyricism and again adding to that reflective quality. Good audiovisual, and be sure to grab the mixtape now.

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