Havoc-Tell Me To My Face ft. Royce Da 5'9"

I was pretty reluctant to listen to this for two reasons: firstly, hip-hop has been legitimately poor in recent weeks (with a couple of small exceptions), and secondly the whole Mobb Deep split ridiculousness really soured my view on them both. However, there’s nothing like good music to win you over, and this first single from Hav’s upcoming 13 album will do just that.

The production is a great blend of that trademark ominous style of Hav’s mixed with a lively edge, combining dramatic synths with soft keys and a pounding, bass-heavy percussion that drives the track along well. Easily one of Hav’s best beats in recent times, and his raps are suited well enough too, with his natural lyrical aggressiveness capped well with a confident, slightly laidback delivery, whilst his hook scales the beat back and spotlights his unquestioned intensity. Royce’s contribution is a welcome return to the scene, his ranges of flows being extremely watertight, packing in wit, a touch of introspection and more into a verse of great quality, capping off what is certainly an enjoyable all-round hip-hop jam.

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