Gold Panda-Trust EP

Over the last few months I’ve taken a huge liking to Gold Panda’s music (thanks Ed), and having ridiculously overplayed his entire back catalogue, this brand new 4-track EP comes as a lovely surprise.

If you’re a fan of the various Clams Casino instrumental tapes, you’ll definitely enjoy this. It’s rather more reserved and darker than his previous works, and given the conditions outside it’s a change that’s welcomed, and one that he pulls off with in typically skilful fashion. The component parts of the beats seem to range from unusual background noises (pretty sure I heard a car door shut in track 2) to atmospheric synths and luscious layers of percussion, with each track packaging everything up into a wonderfully cohesive piece of music.

The EP’s sequenced nicely, as the final two tracks add progressive touches of positivty, though still contained within the slightly downcast soundscape of those before them, and this is a collection of instrumentals that will make a great addition to your library; be sure to buy the set.

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