Four Tet-0181

four tet
I’ve got mixed emotions about this, but not for musical reasons. It’s a collection of unreleased material from the gifted producer, recorded between 1997 and 2001, and compiled lovingly for his fans to enjoy. However, it’s bundled together into one big megamix, meaning we don’t get to properly appreciate each individual piece, and rather have to listen to the entire 38 minute experience. Now, I appreciate many do enjoy doing that, and it definitely gives the project a ‘top-to-bottom album’ feel, but there’s no doubt his massive fanbase would have also preferred to own the seperate pieces.

Enough complaining though, as I’m far from ungrateful for this (honestly)-nearly 40 minutes of production from Four Tet for free is never a bad thing, regardless of format. Check the collection out below.

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