Foals-My Number (Video)

I do genuinely enjoy this song, and having admittedly slightly forgotten about it, this makes for a timely reminder with its accompanying album due out in just a few weeks on 12th February.

I gave the audio a glowing review last month, and hence I’ll not repeat that here, but those guitars remain s deliciously infectious as they were back then. Despite all of its upbeat stylings, there’s still something likeably stripped back about it, and that’s represented well in the video, which is focused mostly around a performance of the song. It also pans away to various goings-on in and around that show, from drunk (or related) youths hanging around the venue to a dance trio getting down outside, the latter eventually “making it inside” and undoubtedly livening up proceedings, though there’s a nice twist on that at the end.

It’s a very fun and mostly quite feelgood visual, with a simple and unfussy execution that reflects the key parts of the audio wellm whilst making for a welcome refresh of the song. Worth a watch, and definitely look to grab that Holy Fire album in a few weeks.

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