Floco Torres and Infinite Quest-Suburban

I was a big fan of Floco’s Catch Me, and having slacked a little on his material since, allow me to make up for that with this excellent cut from his upcoming joint EP with Infinite Quest, titled Celebratory Screams, Childhood Dreams.

A crunching percussion will win over many immediately, with the live drums making for a clean and crisp opening that sets the track up nicely, before soft melodies join the fray along with Floco’s energetic raps. Despite the production being a simple, thoroughly excellent listen, it’s Floco’s raps that reel me in here: his delivery is commendably clear (it’s surprising how hard you have to work to properly hear some MCs), the lyricism is hopeful and has a good storytelling angle, with each verse progressing through his journey to and evening in the city, and the track coming to a crawl at the end as his evening closes in a drunken state.

It’s an unfussy and relatable track, facets which extend to the video courtesy of everyday shots, from train journeys to walking around the streets at night, and of course the aftermath of a night out. Floco’s energy and enthusiasm once again permeate the screen to cap off a great audiovisual, one with a completeness belying his underground status.

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