Eve-She Bad Bad (Video)

For months we’ve had her remixes of other artists’ tracks, and there’s been a growing demand for some original work: rarely one to disappoint, Eve delivers the brand new single from her upcoming Lip Lock album.

The production pens up in a heavily dub/electro-inspired style, before breaking down into a much heavier hip-hop beat, with a commanding bass accompanied by an alternating and chaotic choice of claps, electronic synths, and of course the heavy vocal sample on the hook. The latter anchors the track excellently, allowing Eve’s verses to wrap around it smoothly and being short enough to give us plenty of fresh Eve raps; she delivers with a range of typically razor sharp flows, whilst her supreme confidence is stitched into every line. Naturally, it’s not lyrical wizardry, but it’s a track full of an energy and vibrance that reflects someone who’s refreshed and ready to take her rightful place back.

The video plays on the frenetic nature of the audio with plenty of bright, dynamic visual effects on a dark background, with Eve almost a task to find on occasion. Intended to keep you focused on her I’m sure, and it’s a video that supports the audio well enough. Look out for more Eve soon.

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