Ester Dean-How You Love It ft. Missy Elliott

ester dean
Outside of the Missy feature this is not my thing, but the mainstream and chart fans should give this a go. Ester’s been threatening to break into mainstream consciousness for years, and having been the writer behind some of pop and R&B’s biggest hits in that time, her stop-start attempts at going solo appear to have settled.

The production’s helmed by Stargate and Benny Blanco, prolific hitmakers in their own right, who serve up bassy, clap-heavy verses that build to the hook well, one which throws in uplifting synths for a typically pop-style step up from verse to chorus. It’s a little too ‘paint-by-numbers pop’ in the hook for me, but credit for good structuring and Ester does a good job making both the verses and hook very catchy and memorable, something most artists only manage for the hook. The Missy feature is my highlight, with the slow paced first half of her verse building to a rapid fire second half, the latter being a great reminder of the fantastic flows she’s capable of. One for the pop audience no doubt, though the rest will want to catch the tail end of that Missy verse.

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