Destiny's Child-Nuclear

destinys child
We’re a few days behind due to a rather distracting weekend, but we’re now ready to catch up on the music world. The announcement of this trio’s reunion was met with a mixture of nostalgic fondness and cynicism, their comeback being for Love Songs, a compilation album of hits alongside this solitary slice of new material.

If another artist had released this, it would invariably be met with a much more positive reaction than this has been. The chillout electronic style of the Pharrell production isn’t anything you’d associate with him or this trio, and hence some will be disappointed, but I’m a fan of this. It’s the type of production that’s endeared me to the likes of Cassie and Lloyd, with the fresh, lively and yet mellow backdrop blending a sharp, speedy percussion with airy synths for a slick crossover beat that sounds part-laidback part-energetic. The vocals are tailored well, with each member resisting the urge to deliver the emotional explosiveness they’re known for and instead scaling back to a much more easygoing style that fits this production. It’s not classic Destiny’s Child, but a song that works in today’s landscape, and is worth a listen.

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