Childish Gambino-LES (Video)

The accompanying Tweet to this said ‘LES video for those who didn’t catch the concerts’, so I assume this was played during performances of the fantastic track on recent tours.

I go back and forth, but this is probably my favourite song from Camp. The combination of those absolutely superb strings, the soft hook and the punchy verses makes for a trifecta of excellence, and a track that’s easy to play over and over again.

The video is a very nice accompaniment, and though Gambino doesn’t feature outside of a brief and rather steamy cameo (props if you spot it), it’s a nice capture of the very New York area that the song is titled after. Hipsters aplenty, there’s a nice personal feel about the whole thing, capturing people within their element in various locations, whether its a concert, eaterie, taxi or any other spot, it’s a good look into a few nights around the Lower East Side, and almost gives the whole place a rather relatable, homely feel. That vibe is mostly borne out of the fact its pretty much unfiltered in terms of the footage: shops closed for the taxi, traffic, and various other non-glamorous entities crop up throughout, whilst the fantastic quality of the actual footage is also a factor in making the clip feel like a snapshot of reality. Good all-round clip for a great song.

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