Cassie-All Gold, All Girls ft. Lola Monroe and Trina

The latest in a now-plentiful range of All Gold Everything remixes, but one with a nice twist of originality as 13 for ’13 nominee Cassie grabs Trina and Taylor Gang’s Lola Munroe for a remake.

The intro sets things off really well, as Cassie harmonises over the faint sounds of Trinidad’s single, before the track fully expands with her own take (though it could be both her and Lola) on the ubiquitous hook, with the double-layered vocals being an excellent choice of delivery. Trina’s verse is the highlight as far as the rap contributions go, bringing a heavy dose of much-needed intensity to proceedings, whereas Lola’s seems just a little too close to the flow style of Nicki Minaj’s more recent works, though there are glimpses of talent in there. Nice to get a remix of this that doesn’t rely on the original’s hook, and it’s at the very least one of the more unique takes on the track.

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