Azad Right-I Luv The Way You Taste

I had a lot of time for Azad after being put on to a couple of his freestyles last year, but admittedly I’ve not kept pace with his releases since. Here however, he’s commanding attention by grabbing the talented Shlohmo to helm the production on his latest single, and the combination of the two is promising.

Shlohmo’s dark production style on his remix of Drake’s Crew Love improved that song immeasurably, and established him as a talented producer at creating such atmospheric soundscapes. He delivers again here, with a bassy percussion joined by sharp vocal samples and deep synths for another gloomy beat that makes for an excellent backdrop to work with. Admittedly, Azad’s lyricism is a more pop-oriented than this sort of production deserves, but there are no complaints about his deliveries as he cycles through a few different rap flows alongside harmonising for the catchy hook, and a touch more intricacy in his writing would have made this a more memorable performance. With that said, the chosen style is undoubtedly more accessible to a mainstream audience, and who can blame him for chasing that; more of this, and he might just have them in the bag.

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