August Alsina-I Luv This Sh*t ft. Trinidad James

August’s got a new project landing in March, and taps up fellow recent Def Jam signee Trinidad James for his first release from that mixtape.

It’s somewhere between slow R&B and hip-hop, the middle ground many R&B acts seem to have unfortunately gravitated towards, though August carries it off much better than many as he relies on his vocals more than his raps, unlike several of his peers. The track’s got an obvious anchor point, that being the motivational, horn-driven hook which has August flexing his vocals more expansively than in the verses, though those they do progress nicely in terms of production; in particular, the second verse throws in a couple of sharp guitar notes not found in the first, adding a touch of diversity.

The Trinidad verse was never going to be classic rap, but it’s an OK contribution that suggests he should handle himself well enough on the plethora of R&B tracks he’s inevitably going to be asked to guest on. It’s a decent, if unspectacular effort from August, but given his youth and relatively new status to the game there’s plenty of time for stronger material to be released.

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