Arima Ederra-Flow Chart (Video)

I briefly lauded this wonderfully talented soul singer in my 13 for ’13 without ever actually posting anything of hers on here. Time for that to change, and even though it’s not in my top 1 or 2 from the EP, that’s not disparaging to this track at all and it’s a great introduction to her abilities.

The production choice is soft, subtle and massively suited to her voice, with sharp percussion and claps thrown in with gentle and deep synths that are almost flute-esque in their delicateness, the combination being a punchy beat with a mellow aftertaste. It’s the type of beat most vocalists love to work with, and hence it allows Arima to bring some variety in her vocals, with relatively relaxed verses delivered in short lines, and a more emotional and expansive hook. She holds her melodies for much longer and with considerable skill in those choruses, and it’s definitely a highlight of the performance.

The visual captures the elements of the song nicely, with the darkness embodying the more atmospheric elements of the audio, whilst the level of activity and intermittent bright flashes of colour work nicely with the percussion and verses. Good all-round product, and you can grab the track on the free EP here.

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