Angels & Airwaves-Surrender Remix (Video)

Easily the standout track from their Stomping on the Phantom Brake Pedal EP, the remix to one of their more popular tracks in recent times (listen out for the original as the theme tune for Wrestlemania 29), and now the second visual from the aforementioned EP.

The original’s bright, energetic instrumentation made for a real highlight of Love: Part Two, with Tom’s vocals matching that backdrop step-for-step in terms of raw positivity, and hence the direction of this remix was surprising. It’s dark, a little experimental and much sterner than its origin piece, with a mixture of deep, booming synths, filtered percussion and a collection of distorted effects that swaps out the infectious hopefulness for an uneasy, futuristic instrumentation that would feel at home backing a sci-fi film. It gets a little gentler for the hook courtesy of some soft guitar work, but it’s still a much harsher soundscape than the original.

The video clearly takes cues from the sci-fi film style, looking as though its filmed in some kind of power plant or weird space vehicle and viewed elsewhere on a control room screen. The picture-in-picture shots of the other band members playing their instruments is a nice touch, particularly for the guitar sections, and it’s again a dark, slightly unsettling creation that matches up with the audio as a result. EP is available here.

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