Allen Stone-Sleep (Video)

One of my easiest picks for the 13 for ’13 list, Allen lets loose a brand new visual for a track from his self-titled debut album. This one’s a much more lively, pop-driven effort than the introductory track I offered of his, and it’s one that should open him up to mainstream audiences.

Whilst those vintage influences are still all over this in his flawless vocals and jazzy instrumentation, it’s coated in a modern-era shine that makes it very accessible to a wider base, helped particularly by the overall tempo of the piece and the rigid structuring of the song. The track clearly revolves around the bright and catchy hook, with the verses operating mostly as a build to that centre point rather than attempting to match it in musical engagement, though the old-school elements still shine through in places, particularly on the call-and-response bridge towards the end.

The video’s comprised of footage from live shows, which won’t be considered massively original, but unlike most live footage videos this has context, displaying why he ‘never gets sleep’. The quick shot changes help enhance the song’s speed, and it’s a solid accompaniment to a very energetic and upbeat audio. Grab that album now if you haven’t already.

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