Alan Bonner-Lighthouse Song

alan bonner
Having been compared by critics to the likes of Rufus Wainwright and David Bowie, finishing touches are being made to Alan Bonner’s second album Balladeer is out Monday March 4th 2013, a set of beautifully crafted songs of love, loss, hope and redemption from a 21st-century Troubadour with folk leanings and a pop sensibility. You’ll hear Alan’s own unique take on the romantic and the political, the heart-breaking and the uplifting.

A great talent coming through the UK alternative scene, Alan’s excellence with stripped-bare, minimal backdrops is gaining him some great traction and this single is as good a demonstration of that capability as any. The track opens with familiar-sounding string work, the output being a warming blend of jaunty (great word) and easygoing, before progressing nicely into accompanying bass plucks and backing vocals, whilst Alan’s vocals also evolve in their intensity and emotion. One of those tracks that’s just beautifully simple, and highly replayable. Look out for that album, and if you’re interested in catching him live, tour dates are available here.

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