Akon-Dirty Work ft. Wiz Khalifa

Please forgive the stop-start nature of our post frequency this week. We’ve got some rather large plans in the offing, but I’ve found the time to let you know that this song is terrible.

He’s been delaying Stadium for what seems like forever, and whilst it’s hardly an album I spend every waking hour concerned about, it’s surely a bit of an annoyance for those who do actually like the music he puts out. Purported lead single after lead single find their way to us, and this is the latest in that string, and the weakest by far. Unlike a few of the other leaks, this is just wafer thin in almost every area: the lyricism is lazy, the vocals are more Autotuned than usual and still monotonous, foregoing that classic soaring delivery he’s best at, and the production doesn’t seem to bother making any distinction between the hook and verse, with one blending into the other.

It feels rushed and badly thought-out, and that’s not a criticism aimed at its mainstream targeting; in fact, I’d be surprised if even chart fans bothered with this. Back to the drawing board for Akon, and look out for yet another lead single in about 6 months.

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