A$AP Rocky-I Come Apart ft. Florence Welch

Whilst it’s naive to suggest this is anything other than a label attempt at getting Rocky to make a pop-friendly single, it’s good to see two artists of such different backgrounds and styles come together. A bonus track found on the deluxe edition of Rocky’s Long.Live.A$AP album, due out on Tuesday, this is one that should enhance his crossover appeal.

The Florence hook isn’t quite at her soaring best, and that’s not strictly a bad thing-keeping the lid on prevents this from straying too far into mainstream style, and ensures that there isn’t too huge a discrepancy between the sombre verses and her naturally emotive work. The production throws together a clunky, industrial percussion with nice clean bass thuds, and a couple of rather monotonous synths for a beat that’s nothing beyond average, surprising given Rocky’s ear for production. That lack of any particularly engaging element translates into the raps, as he seems to go through the motions in terms of his delivery, though his lyrical focus on a relationship with a particular female makes for a nice change of topic from his usual arrogant raps, and there’s definitely credit deserved there. As an entirety, it’s not anything that ever gets out of second gear, but probably one the pop fans will enjoy.

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