Travis Barker Recording Drums for Dogs Eating Dogs EP

Blink-182′s Dogs Eating Dogs EP was released today, a 5-track EP that’s been met with some very good feedback and even features a Yelawolf appearance. Sidenote: Angels & Airwaves also put out their Stomping on the Phantom Brake Pedal EP on their website too.

I’m yet to listen to either (though I plan on doing so after this), and if you’re in the same boat, this clip will get you excited. Travis’ drumming is at its insane best, full of sheer intensity, skill and an unerring accuracy that’s just frightening for a man moving his limbs at that rate. Not only that, but the brief snippets we get of each song suggests an incredibly diverse EP, opening with an Angels & Airwaves-esque track, followed by something a little heavier, and closing on a track that sounds somewhat darker. Travis’ YouTube feed also actually has streams of each of the EP’s tracks, so if you’re not yet committed to that purchasing decision, you can preview everything there. Grab the EP for a mere $3.99 (£2.40 for 5 new Blink tracks? Yes please!) over at Blink-182′s place.

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