Toro Y Moi-So Many Details (Video)

Toro’s been one of those acts in that grey area between underground and mainstream success for quite some time, and with this single he looks ready for an assault on the mainstream side of things.

Far more accessible than some of the more experimental works that litter his back catalogue, the remix to this track surfaced a little over a month ago to a good response, and rightfully the original single gets a push on the back of that. As stated in the remix review, there’s a pop undercurrent that gives this song a great deal of structure and solidity, with Toro’s emotional vocal layer keeping the electronic, semi-experimental backdrop in check, and capitalising on the atmosphere it creates excellently.

The video gives Toro some much-needed face time, whilst the progressively more colourful, busy environments throughout combine well with the increasingly frenetic production. Also notable is the slow deterioration of the relationship between Toro and his accompaniment, who become seemingly less enamoured with one another to the point of near-desperate expressions. Potentially, this could be a very popular single for Toro; either way, it’s a likeable audiovisual that’s worth a go.

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