The xx-Last Christmas (Live on Radio 1 Live Lounge)

The xx are really doing the rounds, presumably to promote their Night + Day European festival tour, and their latest live performance involved a cover of this Wham! classic.

Truthfully, this is a little bizarre. Their usual aquatic, delayed guitar strums are in, but they’re joined by a piercing percussion and synth work in styles that aren’t usually found in The xx’s music, to add the necessary dose of energy to keep some connectivity to the original. I’m not sure it entirely works though, as it comes off as a little scattered and unorganised, in particular the synth work which seems to change every so often, and the general sharpness of the instrumentation doesn’t quite work with their vocals. With that said, the vocals themselves are excellent, sticking true to the downbeat xx style whilst injecting a good level of emotion to at least attempt parity with the beat. As a package, I’m just not sure it comes off, but credit to the trio for giving a song so far from their style a try.

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