The xx-Angels (Live on BBC Radio 2)

Their style is already superbly mellow, but you take that sound into an acoustic environment and it’s an overload of brilliance. Their minimal nature translates beautifully to the format, and this performance is indicative both of what fans can expect on their live tour (taking place right now) and just how good a band they are outside of a studio environment.

The latter point is important-many acts can do great things when they’re fine-tuned by an audio engineer and producer, but few can recreate that in a live setting as accurately and skillfully as these guys. The instrumentation is on point, those characteristic melodies gentle yet bursting with atmosphere, whilst Romy’s work achieves the same vibe with a delicate and hugely engrossing vocal performance. There’s nothing to dislike here: this is a live performance of the absolute highest order. Give this a listen below, and look out for one more track from this session to be posted momentarily.

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