The-Dream-Wake Me When It’s Over (Video)

Not only was this one of the strongest tracks on the 1977 free album (due for a CD re-release on 18th December), but its easily one of the best in his entire back catalogue. No mean feat given his impressive history, but those unfamiliar with this will require only one listen to be in agreement.

The cold, atmospheric production combines brilliantly with the regret-tinged vocal work and brutally honest lyricism (it’s hard to ignore that this is probably about Christina Milian), and the end product is an introspective, regretful R&B track of the highest order.

One thing that’s possibly let Dream down is his lack of strong visual accompaniment to his better music, and this should go some way to putting that right. His expressions throughout are downbeat and morose, ensuring his delivery of the lyrics remains true to their meaning, whilst the slow pacing and dimly-lit scenes enhance the reflective nature of the song and add a dark mood to the entire package. As a result, the increased speed of clip transitions towards the end really heightens the impact of the scenes’ content, and adds an intensity to what is a rather unexpected twist to close the video. An audiovisual that’s up there with anything in the R&B game over the last few years, be sure to grab Dream’s re-release on the 18th.

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