The-Dream-Used To Be (Video)

More new visuals from The-Dream, and with the 1977 re-release set to land next Tuesday, it’s nicely timed to keep that buzz high.

A recurring theme on the original release was the incredibly personal nature of the lyricism. It was the reason he chose to release it under his real name, Terius Nash, and moved away from the more generic (though still very likeable) lyricism of his LPs as The-Dream. This is a great example of the intimacy of the writing, with the raw and often critical lyrics coming across as a biography or character assasination of sorts, though I’m sure there are plenty of relatables in here for those who’ve dealt with a questionable partner. Dream’s delivery is excellently suited to the writing too, as he ditches his harmonies for a near-spoken word style that adds a bluntness to his work, whilst Casha’s inclusion on this new version contrasts with that nicely and gives balance to the lyrical perspective.

The video’s nothing special but offers both artists the chance to add further emotion to the track, with Dream’s fed-up mannerisms representing the song well, whilst Casha gets some mainstream screentime and delivers comfortably. Look out for 1977 next week.

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