Snoop Lion-Lighters Up ft. Mavado and Popcaan

For the most part, I’ve avoided the releases from this project as it’s hard to take it seriously. However, with the features and the Major Lazer production credit, this one has a little too many likeable factors to ignore.

The right decision is made in terms of Snoop’s exposure here-it’s minimal, and Mavado and Major Lazer seem to really dominate this one. The ML production is excellent, combining classic reggae elements such as the slow, rolling percussion and mellow yet chunky guitar work with horns and a livelier percussion in the hook, giving the beat a vintage feel in the verses and a modern-day quality for the hook. Snoop’s verse is backed by Mavado’s own vocals, whilst the latter also grabs a verse and does most of the work for the hook, with Popcaan’s low tones closing the verses off. It’s a surprisingly enjoyable jam that’s probably released at the wrong time of year (this would be an excellent summer track), but credit to Snoop for knowing when to sit back and let the others take the lead.

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