Rick Ross-Ten Jesus Pieces ft. Stalley (Video)

Ross’ God Forgives, I Don’t album has been one of those I’ve repeatedly forgotten to listen to, but at the rate at which this guy churns out videos I’m fairly sure I’ve heard and seen the majority of it by now.

Most of it hasn’t really been to my tastes, but there’s a lot to like here. From the Stalley feature to the vintage-inspired production, there’s enough to pull this away from being yet another ‘Rick Ross-style’ track. That aforementioned production is certainly a unique one in today’s environment; saxophones that sound straight out of an 80s ballad, sharp percussion and a choir-like vocal sample combine for a lively production that feels almost aspirational. Hence, Ross’ fondness for documenting his rise to glory fits the beat well, but ultimately the raps aren’t anything we haven’t already heard. Stalley’s closing verse is the vocal highlight, offering a glimpse into his own life story whilst showing respect to his peers, both dead and alive, with a couple of lines.

The video matches the audio well, with shots of Ross in all his modern-day splendour, surrounded by religious architechture to enhance that vocal sample, alongside scenes of (an actor playing) Ross in his come-up days. Plenty of Ross bouncing around too, which is always hilarious, and this is a watchable clip that represents the audio well.

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